Jude Elliot


"Jude Elliot showcases one of the more fully formed musical visions to find voice in recent times.

She offers up a collection of songs that capture the essence of a performer whose gift is the ability to express a broad range of emotions, intimately, honestly, and within a rich musical tapestry."
Paul Turner, Capital Q Weekly, Sydney

“Elliot showed that she can sing from the heart, tapping well-springs of emotion most of us have no idea how to express.”
Faster Louder, Australia

After much time here and there, I have settled in the south of Tasmania where nature is at my doorstep. I divide my creative time between teaching voice work, producing projects and writing fiction. I am a mother and value that role as the most important one of all.

My story

Over the past 25 years, I have worked as a songwriter, studio vocalist, touring artist and creative producer throughout Australia and in the USA. I have been fortunate to work alongside high calibre musicians, producers and writers who have allowed me to create and develop a diverse skillset - and understand what it takes to produce works at a high standard.

Being signed to both indie and major labels and publishing companies has given me hands-on experience in the industry. I have worked with Grammy Award winning and Billboard Chart topping producers as a songwriter and studio vocalist. 

I run a voice studio at Salamanca Arts Centre, work as a creative producer on many projects across the Arts and am currently writing a play thanks to the Erin Thomas Playwright Fund. 


I work as a mentor (both in-person and online) with singers and actors to develop vocal skills, range and repertoire.  

Artist development:

  • contemporary voice work
  • repertoire expansion
  • studio production and recording
  • voice-over recording (including reels)


  • creative project management


  • artist representation

I mentor a number of writers and creative thinkers to see projects come to life. I am a "finish what you start" person who enjoys creating a step by step process for each project I work on. 

Many of my singing and acting clients have gone on to study at interstate schools (VCA, WAAPA, Griffith, Federation, National Drama School, Sydney Con etc), perform in professional theatre, release albums and tour.

I represent a handful of the artists I work with, acting as a point of contact between artist and industry.

My studio is "boutique" - i.e. I take on clients who I feel I can really work well with, tailor a plan, and work towards goals with much care and consideration.