JUDE ELLIOT voice studio


 "Jude Elliot showcases one of the more fully formed musical visions to find voice in recent times. She offers up a collection of songs that capture the essence of a performer whose gift is the ability to express a broad range of emotions, intimately, honestly, and within a rich musical tapestry."

Paul Turner, Capital Q Weekly, Sydney

After much time here and there, I have settled in the south of Tasmania where nature is at my doorstep. I divide my creative time between teaching voice work, producing projects and writing fiction. I am a mother and value that role as the most important one of all.

I have spent the past two and a bit decades working continuously, from one project to the next. From recording an album with a string quartet in the Adelaide Hills to stadium concerts to playing shows in the Village in New York City. I've had record deals, done the media thing, recorded seven albums and have had songs on high rotation. I've done more projects than I can remember, back to back, all of this time, which means I've collaborated with a huge number of people from producers to musicians to writers to film makers to actors. A lot sits in those meetings and that kind of work together. I walk away from each project with new skills and a wider outlook.

I am a believer in listening to myself and others, staying open to ideas, learning from everyone who sits before me and always keeping the love in what I do. I have high standards and put my all into every project I work on. I encourage those I work with to do the same.

Right now, I am producing many projects for songwriters and theatre writers, mentoring actors, and doing a lot of one-on-one voice work with contemporary singers. In my spare time I write fiction.

I also collaborate a great deal with my onstage partner in crime, Meg Bignell. Apart from being a best selling author, Meg is a creative master who brings the best out of me. We have written and produced two shows - 'The Audition' and 'Take the Spotlight and Run' which we've performed on our favourite stage - the Theatre Royal. 

I am always happy to hear from people who are looking to collaborate on projects so please don't be shy about connecting.