"Jude Elliot showcases one of the more
​fully formed musical visions to find
​voice in recent times.

She offers up a collection of songs that
capture the essence of a performer
whose gift is the ability to express a broad range
of emotions, intimately, honestly,
​and within a rich musical tapestry."

Paul Turner, Capital Q Weekly, Sydney

Jude Elliot an Australian singer/songwriter whose style embodies a warm acoustic feel 
within the genre of contemporary pop/rock.  An award winning performer and producer, Jude has travelled the world performing her music and worked as a studio vocalist and songwriter for some of the world's top producers in Australia, LA and New York.

Jude was named a finalist at the 2008 Musicoz Awards, shortlisted for 2 Apra PD Awards, was a previous finalist for the Australian Music Week industry showcase, nominated for the SAMIA Most Outstanding Female Artist Award, is a SAYAB and ARTSA grant recipient.

​​Jude composed the music score for the theatre production The Boys and has written instrumental scores for short films and visual art installations and has completed six studio albums including Believe in Empty, Grace with Strings, Live at Broadcast, A Gentle Glimpse of Waking, A Poem For Rose and in 2014 she released her new collaborative album with jazz artist Harry Edwards, Traces of You.

She has performed over 1500 shows at festivals and venues in Australia and in the USA with the likes of Clare Bowditch, Mark Seymour, Evermore, Jon Stevens, Jon Auer - The Posies (USA), Hawksley Workman (Canada), Teddy Thompson (USA) and Kate Miller-Heidke.

More recently, she has been lending her writing and vocal talents to electronic
music producers. Her debut electronic release with UK Producer, Ericson, Dark Angel (Central Station Records/Universal Music) was on high rotation on dance stations across Australia and was included on the 2009 Godskitchen Boombox compilation (Universal Music) as well as several European compilations.

​​ Similarly, her follow up single, Twilight, mixed by Marlo, was included on the
2010 Godskitchen 3D Compilation (Universal). Jude also released a mix of Twilight by Ericson which hit
​the airwaves in 2010. ​Ericson and Elliot ​released their third single, Stalker in 2012.​​

Jude has spent much time in the USA working with some of the world's top producers,
writers and musicians as both a songwriter and studio vocalist, including 
​Grammy Award winning producer, Jeff Bova. 

She has recently relocated back to Tasmania and lives by Mount Wellington.
It is from here that she continues to write, produce live shows and ​produce music.
​Jude is the Director of The Voice Academy Hobart.



"Jude's style embodies that of the likes of Beth Orton and the more mature side
of Madonna and waivers erratically in between to create a
varying and distinctive approach of her own."

(Steve Jones, Db Magazine, Adelaide)

Review for Jude's show with Kate Miller - Heidke:

"She wandered on stage, pushed her white locks out of her face, smiled reassuringly at the audience, and sat down with her guitar, flanked on one side by her percussionist, on the other by her lead guitarist.

A sparse lineup, to be sure, but one that seemed to work from the very beginning.
Her opening song, Closer, set a thoughtful, contemplative mood which was sustained for the duration of her short set “ highlights, mostly from her debut album.

Elliot showed that she can sing from the heart, tapping well-springs of emotion most of us have no idea how to express. She stared at the crowd through hooded eyes, facing it down, daring it to take note of what she had to say. It worked too. By the third song, Rivers of You, Elliot had the crowd enthralled. The one cover in the set, Red by Elbow, served only to demonstrate that Elliot's songs are capable of standing alongside the best.

​​The highlight of the set came with Ashes, a song inspired, so Elliot said, by 9/11. It's sombre tone and heartrending lyrics captured the surreal horror of dust and powder and cinders slowly descending from a bright September sky. One look at the audience and you could almost see those images we've all seen a thousand times passing through their mind's eyes.

Jude Elliot left us too soon, but I have no doubt we'll be hearing more of her. My one complaint is that in the crush to get out of The Gov at the end of the night I forgot to buy Elliot's CD. Oh well; it means I'll have to go see her again."

(Snapec, Faster Louder)

"An eclectic fusion of voice, strings, percussion, piano and guitar is on show from Jude Elliot on her debut LP Gentle Glimpse Of Waking.  Such a title is rather fitting to the album as Elliot's voice careens
gently over light guitar lines, whispering eloquent poetry rather than prose. The ethereal pop created by Elliot is further enhanced by her decision to use both multi-tracking and live recording techniques. The use of both strategies enhances the aural atmosphere, ensuring that while the recording is crispy and clear,
​ the organic life of the recording is given room to grow."

(David Fannon, Rave Magazine, Australia)