Jude Elliot
My Studio

I have a music studio in the same wing as a painter, photographer, cello maker and jeweller, tucked away in the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart, Tasmania.

My studio is a semi-sound proofed space with a warm feel. There is natural sunlight, a six and twelve string guitar, a weighted electronic piano and, of course, me.

I am in the studio four days a week, ready and excited to teach, write and mentor.

My sessions run for 30 or 45 minutes. I like to see people weekly so projects and new skills keep moving forward. 

I predominantly teach contemporary and musical theatre singing students though use classical techniques in the foundation exercises I teach. I teach slowly and meticulously. Vocal health and well being sit at the forefront of training a voice. My singers work with a wide range of repertoire.

I also work with a large number of songwriters. We work on writing exercises, writing routine, craft, voice, preproduction and do plenty of studio recording. Several of the artists I have mentored have gone off to tour nationwide and overseas, been signed to labels and won songwriting awards internationally. More importantly, all of the songwriters I have worked with, have found their voice and a greater sense of belief in their projects and visions. I am a big believer in collaboration. Songwriters come together and create frequently in the studio. We have occasional songwriter circles and look after number of writers who also organise songwriter events open to all.

We have visiting teachers from the US and guest acting teachers who come in to work individually and in masterclass set ups. I also refer singers to guitar, piano, acting, dancing and dialect teachers. We like to work together with other performance schools here and never feel like we are in competition.

Our students regularly audition for roles in theatre and musical theatre productions, audition for NIDA and VCA, for music scholarships as well as The Voice among other opportunities. We encourage songwriters to attend conferences, workshops and to apply for funding for recording albums and EPs.

Please email me if you are a singer or a writer who would like to have session with me.

Do you take on beginner singers?
Most people who come to me have had some experience singing with other teachers, in musicals or ensembles. I predominantly work with intermediate singers and above. If you are an actor or dancer wanting to move in to musical theatre, do get in touch.

What is your minimum age?

Around 15. All voices are different and ready for vocal work at different ages. If you are unsure, send me an email. We can make a plan. 

But my daughter is 11 and can sing like Adele...

That is fantastic. She must love her music. Keep feeding her love of music and get in touch with me in a couple of years.

Do your students do AMEB and eisteddfods?

I have stopped teaching AMEB. A select few do eisteddfods. They are students who are regularly auditioning for roles and this is a good opportunity for them to prep and perform under a bit of pressure.

Do you work with public speakers, radio announcers, voice over artists?

Yes. Absolutely.


I write songs and have recorded an album with my band. We don't know what to do next?

I offer career development for writers and performers. 

How much are your lessons?

In 2020, my lessons will be $40 per 30 minutes plus GST. I will have a concession rate at $35 per 30 minutes for students who are having financial difficulty. 

How do I book a lesson?

I will always book you in for a single session before we commit to a block. Send me an email with a little bit of info about you and also your availability. 

I'm really wanting to book a lesson but I'm nervous...

Even I get nervous when I have lessons with new vocal teachers. It is understandable but I don't bite. Our first session will be a get-to-know-you where I will ask you twenty questions and guide you through some basic scales to get a feel for your voice. I'll work with you and you won't feel out of your depth. If you are a seasoned professional and are nervous, bring along your favourite sheet music or lyrics so we can jump right in to what you are most comfortable singing.

Any more questions, please ask.